Pipe Bombs

Pipe bombs. Pipe bombs are some of the easiest and deadliest ways to kill a group of people or destroy a few things. First off, we will talk about the pipes. Second will be the explosive filler and last will be the shrapnel. PIPES: Pipes are about as easy to purchase as a CD. You do not want to have the length any longer than 8 inches. Diameter should usually be between ?'' and 2''. If it's any longer than around 8'' it might not blow up how it's supposed to. If it's thicker than around 2'', it will cost you a fuck-load of money. Normal metal galvanized pipes are the best to use, since plastic melts to easy and I don't think copper would be that great. Never did try it though. The way I bought most of my pipes is by going out and getting all of the caps one day, then getting the pipes a few days later, or at a different store. You don't want to look too suspicious. After you buy the caps you need to drill a 1/8'' hole in the center of 1 cap per pipe. This is for the cannon fuse. Be sure to use good quality cannon fuse that isn't bent or taped together, to be sure it all burns correctly. Try to keep that fuse in good condition. Even though you can bend and fold that fuse all to hell and back and it will most likely still burn though, you do not want to have a bunch of your enemies staring at a real heavy paperweight that isn't smoking. Once you have the hole in the cap stick the cannon fuse through it and tape it on so it doesn't keep moving around. 1-2 inches inside the pipe should be plenty to do the job, but in a fix you can have as little as a fingernail's length. As far as how much you want on the outside, that depends on the delay you want the blast to have. For a grenade type bomb you want about a finger's length, for fun bombs you want about 2 feet, and for time bombs you want about an inch. Screw that cap onto the pipe nice and hard, and then rig up some sort of holder so you can fill the pipe and not screw up the fuse. There are several ways you can do that, so just be creative and resourceful.


POWDER: The kind of powder I have used throughout my pipe bombs has been mostly the same and has proved its' worth plenty of times. So you really don't have to spend a day making the perfect powder or wasting money and time buying special ingredients to make plastic explosives or TNT or whatever. Normal firework powder works great. I used all sorts of fountains to get my powder from. Almost anything will work. Your other option is actual gunpowder. If yer 18, you can buy this shit at almost any gun store. Buy the fastest burning powder you can, but don't blow your money on something to expensive. Gunpowder is gunpowder. 15 dollars will buy you about a coffee can full. The best way to de-powder fountains is to get a real real sharp knife and cut it in half, and squish and tap all of the powder out. Be sure you don't get any of the orange crap in the powder though, that shit is called clay. It don't blow up. It may be time consuming but I say it's worth it. If you are doing it inside your room be sure you have plenty of newspaper down because accidents do happen and if you have a big black stain on yer carpet, mom and dad might ask some questions. Another thing, surgical gloves come in handy too, because your hand will be completely black by the time you are done. I used a coffee can to store the powder in, but really anything with a good lid and a wide mouth will do. Cool looking glass containers like at Hobby Lobby come in handy if you want to keep certain kinds of powder separated. Once you have all of the powder ready and the pipe+cap+fuse stabilized, go ahead and start pouring that shit in. Use a funnel for small diameter pipes, or a folded sheet of paper or cardboard for larger pipes. After it's about half full, tap it on a hard surface until it will not settle any more. You want as much powder as physically possible in there. Once it is full, repeat the last step. Then add a little mountain of powder on top of the full, settled powder and screw on the cap. It might be wise to wipe down the threads to remove any shit there. The tighter those 2 caps are on, the better. Once that is on you are basically ready to go. I put about 2 layers of duct-tape on my bombs so they make less noise when transporting them. Just be sure that fuse is on there good and solid.


SHRAPNEL: Shrapnel is very important if you want to kill and injure a lot of people. Almost anything small and metal will work. From paper clips cut into pieces to 2'' nails. You can use screws, solder, BB's, pellets, nails of all kinds, buckshot of all sizes, twisted diskette centers, or any other kind of metal object that can be twisted into a small size, and hell I'm sure staples would even be useful. Small handgun ammunition might even be an interesting addition to large sized bombs. What I have done in the past is just tossed a few screws or 1'' nails into the powder on the sheet of cardboard and dumped it in just as I would normal powder. I have used a lot of #8 buckshot too, and for this I would either sprinkle it in as I am pouring the powder in, or use the method just described. If you are using nails it might be a good idea to have them right up against the pipe walls, so the go faster farther. As far as taping, tying, or gluing nails onto the outside of the pipe, I am not sure that method works. I did try it on the Delta batch, and since they won't be used until NBK it'll be kind of hard to report the results. You might try asking the survivors if they got a good look at the bomb before it went off and then the remains! Napalm: Napalm is used to burn people, houses, cars, or anything else that can be burnt. It can be produced in a wide variety of ways and by using pages of different ingredients. In this text I will review the methods and ingredients that I have found to be most promising.


INGREDIENTS: In just about every 'anarchist' cookbook you can find you will see tons of napalm recipes. Through trial and error I have found that only a few are worth the trouble. Although, some of my tests can not be considered completely accurate since I was short on time and resources because of the war. First of all, one of the best recipes is actually the simplest. Motor oil and gasoline in a glass bottle is about all you need. You could spend hours and hours and lots of money to make a batch of napalm that if at all is only a little better. Styrofoam and gasoline is a fairly good mixture, but it has its drawbacks. Styrofoam and gas makes a solution that reminds me of pizza dough. It is rubbery, stringy, and is a bitch to transfer from containers. It burns for a good while, and after it is done burning it turns into a hard, black, plastic-type substance. I won't know how well it spreads upon explosion until actual combat, so I can't say anything about that. Another problem is that it takes about 20 cups of Styrofoam to make 1 cup of napalm. So unless you own a packing service, it is hard to make a decent sized batch. Personally I was able to make about a gallon of the stuff, but it wasn't easy and I was almost discovered thanks to that fucking ever-present gasoline stench. As far as wax, petroleum jelly, and bleach go I would need to do more extensive tests to come to any concrete conclusion. I know that bleach+gas works a little worse than gas alone and that is the same for Vaseline+gas, and laundry detergent+gas. But, heating the solution could make very large differences. I saw somewhere that egg whites, salt, and gas makes good napalm, but that is utter bull shit. Not only is it fucking expensive and extremely time consuming, but also gas by itself is ten times better than that crap. Toilet paper and gas might be a good mixture, but unfortunately I only had time to do a small test. Results from that were very good though. I have tried model glue also, and the results were about the same as gas alone. In short, you are much better off using gas and oil instead of any, and I mean fucking ANY, other mixture because it is cheaper, easier, quicker, and works just as good or better than anything else does. It is a waste of time, effort, and resources to try to figure out the ideal recipe when gas and oil will do the job just fine. If it can burn, the molitov cocktail will most likely burn it.


STORAGE: Storing gasoline is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass tasks I have gone through in the pre-war era. First of all, you have to take into account that any extra gas containers lying around the shed or garage can easily cause suspicion. Second of all, it smells. So putting a couple jars in your closet is a bad idea. Third, gas expands when it is hot, so you don't want to put it in your trunk under a blazing sun all day long, because it might just blow up. So some good storage areas are deep in garage closets that are rarely visited, in your trunk if the weather is not hot at all, or under a tarp in your yard some place, if you have a rather fucking large and wooded property around your house. Other than those suggestions, you are on your own. Just be smart and remember the basic principles of gasoline. It's flammable, it smells, it expands when hot, and it needs a very good seal to prevent leakage from the container.